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[资源分享][exe(bt)]Learn Italian - Complete PC Course (1-7, 9 Levels + Survival Phrases)

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大型有声教程,互动软件[exe(bt)]Learn Italian - Complete PC Course (1-7, 9 Levels + Survival Phrases)
Learn Italian - Complete PC Course (1-7, 9 Levels + Survival Phrases).zip(Size:3.08GB)

此软件与ItalianPod101同Innovative Language产品。9个exe文件分别对应1-7, 9 Levels + Survival Phrases。
Introducing the ultimate language learning application!
Are you ready to learn Italian on your PC in just minutes a day?
You are about to experience the evolution of language learning! Never before has learning to speak Italian been so fun, fast or easy. You'll be speaking Italian within just minutes of the very first lesson, and our interactive language experience will keep you engaged and locked in! The progress you make with "Learn Italian - Complete Audio Course (Beginner to Advanced)" will utterly shock and amaze your friends, family, colleagues, and teachers.
How effective is "Learn Italian - Complete Audio Course"?
This complete language learning course gives you ALL of the benefits of a state of the art language lab right on your PC.
Actually, that statement is not entirely honest. This application is even better than a language lab!
Better than a language lab? You're joking, right?
Actually, we're not. In a language lab, you don't get two expert teachers to personally walk you through the pitfalls and pleasantries of mastering Italian. With "Learn Italian - Complete Audio Course" you do! With the material a language lab presents there is no accountability for the material taught. With us there is!
What else do you get in just one application?
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